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We Help Realtors Make More Money and Serve Their Clients Better!
The See It In 30 Minutes Call Center offers unique services to
listing agents in response to a BIG problem in real estate –– mainly:

Realtors only work half days!

Hi, I'm Mark Palmero L'Boe, founder of Compass Realty Systems. When I first began in real estate, someone told me I only had to work half days. The problem was they didn’t tell me WHICH half!

It turns out I needed to be available whenever my buyers needed information. That typically meant between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., seven days a week, including holidays. Early on the long hours were fine. But the more homes I sold, the harder it was to keep up with my buyerss' needs.

That's Why I Partner With The Buyer Showing Team
Each year as my business grew, it became harder for me personally to handle all the buyers who needed my help. I watched the industry and saw many agents hire their spouse to show houses. But how professional is a slogan "Spouses Selling Houses"? Besides, they couldn't take a vacation at the same time.

Then as many agents do, I tried hiring a "buyer specialist." But it seemed like I was always covering for them. It turned out they couldn't be in three places at once either!

One day, my best friend –– whom I had been showing houses to off and on for weeks –– bought a house from the agent holding the open house.

The reason they gave? They fell in love with the home at first sight. They knew I was at at a family BBQ. They were afraid to wait. So they bought it on the spot because they didnt want to take the chance of losing their dream home to another buyer.

That's why I now handle buyer activity the most expedient and professional way possible –– with a team of highly specialized showing agents whose sole job it is to show properties with 30 minutes notice... and to write offers on the days, evenings, or weekends they are on "showing" duty. And because someone on the team is always "on duty," a qualified professional can be dispatched as needed to show properties to my buyers.

30-Minute Showings Aren't Enough
Not only can my BUYER SHOWING TEAM show homes 7 days a week –– better and faster than any individual agent — but I've also partnered with a licensed Search and Schedule Service provided by See It In 30.

They cover my buyer hotline and email responders 12-hours per day, seven days per week. We give buyers instant answers when they call for information about any property that interests them. The Search & Schedule Service can dispatch a member of my Buyer Showing Team almost immediately when a buyer spots a house they want to see.

Agents-on-call For Immediate Dispatch
It's fast and it's easy. Registered buyers call the 7-day call center staffed by professional Search & Schedule Specialists who then dispatch a member of the Buyer Showing Team to the property they want to see. 

Best of all, this happens behind the scenes –– with no effort –– and it's FREE! The service to listing agents is FREE!  While you stay focused on attracting more buyers for your listings, See It In 30 makes sure that calls from buyers and neighbors are handled professionally and expediently. 

Everyone Benefits
This powerful combination of efforts, activities, and resources gives buyers the information they want, when they want it, and how they want it — by phone, email, or in person. And your sellers appreciate this, too. By handling the needs of buyers professionally and expediently, sellers win too.

For more information including some surprise ways this program can help you make more money give Compass Realty Systems a call at 314.414.2020. Ask for Michael Ford.
Mark L’Boe’s career record includes listing and selling over 1,600 homes –– and a 7-year streak selling 715 individual resale homes between 1997 and 2003.

His all-time personal “best years” were 1999 –– with 119 unit sales –– and 2000 with 126 unit sales.

It was during this Y2K period that his production rivaled that of many fully-staffed real estate offices. Yet, he watched colleagues at other companies take the top honors for production records because they had hired a “team” of agents who added to their production figures.

During that time period, Mark worked completely alone. He had no assistants, no broker-managers, no office staff, no showing assistants, no buyers agents! He was just one guy working alone… selling a house every 3.5 days. Had honors been awarded based on per person production, Mark would have easily taken the prize!
Agents Love Us... Because We Work For Them, Too... 7 Days A Week!