A professionally licensed outsourcing service
      serving independent agents and brokers
Why be on call seven days a week, twelve hours per day?
Our licensed real estate brokers are available to handle:
  • Contract negotiations
  • Building inspections
  • Escrow issues
  • Closing details
  • Post-closing wrap-up service
  • More...
What's YOUR Free Time Worth?
Broker Manager On Call also provides complete
'Offer-to-Closing' service (void where prohibited)
Want more free time and still serve your listing and buyer clients? It's easy! Call us at 314.414.1111
Broker Manager On Call and Real Estate Assistant On Call
Part of a total management solution provided to brokers
and agents by Compass Realty Systems

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You don't need to HIRE a team
...to HAVE a team!
Going On Vacation?

Just want to take off a weekend or a Saturday night?
Imagine simply being able to forward your buyer hotline to the See It In 30 CALL CENTER.

Just like forwarding your regular phone lines to your answering service, but knowing that your property calls be professionally managed and homes shown by experienced agents with your best interest at heart.

Your clients will never know you took off a few hours, because their needs will be fully satisfied.

For More Information, contact
Michael Ford at 314.414.ASAP (2727)
ONE call gives BUYERS complete information
about ANY PROPERTY they see advertised
in a magazine, newspaper, online, or yard sign.

Ask about our Pay-per-showing service
For BUYERS' Agents
Here's a highly effective way for rookies to jumpstart their real estate career, and an ideal solution for experiencd agents who want to add to their existing base of business: Stay at your current company and join the Buyer Showing Team (BST) as a referral member! 

Team members enjoy the opportunity to work scheduled days and hours showing homes and negotiating contracts (the fun and satisfying part of real estate) while leaving details of paperwork and the closing process to a Broker-manager.

Because buyer leads are provided to BST members, there's no prospecting (the not-so-fun- part of real estate). Once you become a member of BST, you get a steady flow of buyers... continued...
For LISTING Agents

If you are a high-volume listing agent you know that the more listings you have, the more calls you get from potential buyers.

And, the more calls you get from buyers, the more hours you need to be "on call" to take telephone or email inquiries about your listings. 

This is exactly what you hope and dream for.  But at the same time it's what turns real estate sales into a 16-hour a day rat race. That's because buyers call daily from nine in the morning until nine at night. It only gets worse on the weekends.  And holidays aren't exempt either.

The old joke in the real estate industry about only working half days (nine to nine) is only funny if you aren't the one getting calls at inopportune times. 

It's not the buyers fault. It's simply impossible to escape the interruptions unless... continued...

Learn more about how the See It In 30 Call Center can help you save time, make more money, and provide your buyer and seller clients with a more professional and expedient way to handle inquiries and show properties.

Contact Michael Ford at 314.414.ASAP (2727)
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